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One of the major areas in which we are looking to be useful here at “Teach Your Child to Read” is the expat market. Many expats send their children to international schools and nurseries/kindergartens but there are many who don’t. They want their children to fit into the local culture and the first and most obvious step is to go to the local schools in the local language.

This leaves them with a quandary of course because they don’t want their child to “fall behind” other children of their age in case they move back to their home country or onto another country where English is the lingua franca.

Here is where this website can help you so much. The clear instructions from “Teach Your Child to Read” on our Phonics Reading Course will help you to help teach your child to read. There are two main areas of the online reading course, the phonics instruction, how to teach using the resources we provide, and the links to other resources that complement our approach and provide a solid grounding in teaching children reading.

There is no doubt there are thousands of places and resources both on and offline that you can find to help you teach your child to read. However many of them are at best just a diversion. We have sifted through to find the best links, check out our links page when it goes live later this week, the best resources, our own and recommended resources, and the clearest instructions for using those resources so that you as a parent, and teacher in this case, feel comfortable and confident in what you are teaching your child.

Have no doubts that this online course in teaching reading through phonics, sight words lists and phonemic awareness activities along with the backup and the forum which will be up soon is the perfect start for your child’s reading journey.

Follow our course for free through the autoresponder or order it online and you give your child the advantages in and out of the classroom that you could not imagine having done before. (And remember to tell your friends too)

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